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Some things about us

We are a not for profit organisation that aims for global sikh welfare and promotion of Guru Panth. We live and breathe for only one thing: to unite, strengthen and create a brotherhood in our community. SikhHub membership is a paid monthly subscription. Every member decides his/her own monthly contribution amount. SikhHub will set a minimum amount which will be very minimal. Subscribing for a SikhHub membership gives direct financial benefits to the member in person and the entire Sikh Community at large.

Membership benefits

Death Cover

A SikhHub membership protects the nominee of the member with monthly financial support from SikhHub in the event of the member's unfortunate demise. SikhHub will keep aside part of its monthly capital pool to fund the nominees of deceased members. We will employ a formula to each deceased member's account, to determine the amount of monthly support and duration of support, taking into account the member's monthly contribution, duration of his contribution prior to demise, location, etc.

A friend in need

SikhHub mobile app will show on a map, contacts of nearby SikhHub members and their locations in case the member is facing an emergency and needs help. Nearby SikhHub members who come to help will receive direct financial benefits from SikhHub in terms of monthly contribution waiver for a limited period in recognition of their support.

Other Planned benefits

That's just the beginning. We are actively planning more direct financial benefits for our members, and we will release more elaborate plans in future. Stay tuned.

Benefits to Sikh Community

SikhHub Prodigy Fund

A strong measure of empowerment of a community is its representation in elite Technology, Engineering, Medical, Legal, Scientific, Social, Economic and Political centres of the world. SikhHub will use your kind donations to create a 100% scholarship fund for the brightest underprivileged Sikh students who get an admit from top 100 Universities of the world. We will find these genius minds at an early age and groom them to secure admit from an elite centre of excellence.

Sikh History Project

We feel that as a community, we have not done well to present our history to our future generations and to the world at large. People don't even know who we are. Our own children are unaware of the most glorious religion they've had the pleasure of being born into. And we want to change that. SikhHub will use its funds to hire the best animation and motion pictures agencies in the world to create high-budget, hollywood grade impactful movies on our glorious history.

Funding KhalsaAid

KhalsaAid is by far one of the most impactful cross-border international humanitarian relief agency that we all are proud of as Sikhs. It has successfully showcased the true principles of Sikh Religion to the entire world. We at SikhHub are in love with such organisations who truly recognise the whole human race as one, regardless of their religion, national origin, color, sex, or more. And we will use part of our funds to actively support such organisations for the benefit of all mankind.

Farmer to Market

Farmers are committing suicide everyday because of the unacceptably low price they receive from crop market. Most of the profit is earned by middlemen involved in the process of taking this produce to the customers in cities. Farmer gets only 3 bucks, the city customer buys it for 30 bucks. We will establish this channel of delivery that enables these farmers to directly reach the end consumer and get the price they deserve.

Promote Organic Farming

Food is life. But sadly, the golden fertile lands of Punjab have been destroyed by decades of unethical profit-oriented farming practices. We will engage with existing Organic Farming organisations run by Sikhs in Punjab and fund them for their operation and promotion to make organic food more accessible and affordable.

We're open to more suggestions

Email us your thoughts on what more you feel needs attention and must be funded. We are also planning to include such features as polls in our mobile app where members will be able to vote on issues they care about, and SikhHub will fund the winning issues.